BRICS De-dollarization for Nigeria, So What?

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BRICS Mapping De-dollarization for Emerging New World

11 min read

The BRICS nations are working towards de-dollarization as a way to break away from US and Western hegemony, while also working towards a fairer, more equitable global trade. This shift away from the US dollar has been gaining momentum since the US imposed financial sanctions on Russia in 2020, and it is an important step towards a more balanced and democratic world order.

Nigeria rated 7th on global mobile phone usage — NCC

2 min read

You should be impressed by Nigeria’s seventh place ranking in global mobile phone usage, as well as its eleventh place ranking in internet penetration. It shows that Nigeria has the potential to further develop its telecommunications industry and bridge the digital divide, which would create a prosperous and inclusive digital future.

Nigeria Ranked 11th In Internet Penetration Globally

2 min read

According to the Executive Vice-chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Nigeria is rated 11th in terms of internet penetration and 7th in terms of mobile phone usage globally. Network Readiness Index (NRI) is a metric to measure the role and impact of Information and Communication Technology which can help you maximize the social and economic effects of the digital era. It’s time to harness the potential of emerging technologies to unlock new opportunities and bridge the digital divide.

Nigeria set to overtake Ivory Coast, Ghana on cocoa sustainability

2 min read

Nigeria now joins the ranks of Ivory Coast and Ghana in cocoa sustainability with the help of the Nigerian government and the US Traceability and Resilience in Agriculture and Cocoa Ecosystems of Nigeria (TRACE) project! This is not only a huge accomplishment, but it also means that Nigeria will be better able to compete in the international cocoa market, providing better economic opportunities for the country.

Nigeria considers G20 membership, Tinubu to attend summit in India

2 min read

Nigeria has the opportunity to join the G20 bloc of major economies as it’s assessing the risks and benefits of joining. This could provide Nigeria with greater economic power, socio-economic opportunity, geo-political stability and access to global capital, with the aim of diversifying its economy and creating jobs. It could also help the country to monetize its resources and expand its revenue.

Virgin Music Group expands operations in Nigeria, led by Olukorede ‘Kay’ Ikazoboh

2 min read

You can now access the creative hub of Nigeria through Universal Music Group’s Virgin Music Group, which has expanded its operations in the region and appointed a respected music executive to lead the charge. This matters as Nigeria has become a major source of popular music genres globally and this move helps to ensure independent labels and artists have the resources to expand their reach.

FG, others endorse national plastic waste control regulations

2 min read

This regulation will help reduce global warming and greenhouse effects associated with plastic production, generate a database to partner with manufacturers, recyclers and investors, and create community-based waste collection facilities. This matters as plastic pollution is a global challenge to humanity and impacts public health and the environment.

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