Issue #231111: It’s All About Green

Nigerian green economy worths $250bn, says Providus Bank boss

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The Managing Director of Providus Bank, Mr. Walter Akpani, stated that the investment opportunities in the green economy, which focuses on achieving sustainable development and combating environmental degradation, are estimated to be worth $250bn in Nigeria. He also advised the Nigerian youth on the importance of perseverance, learning from failures, and embracing discipline to achieve success in life and entrepreneurship.


  • Investment opportunities in the green economy can provide significant economic benefits and support sustainable development in Nigeria.
  • Nigerian business owners should consider exploring the green economy sector, such as transportation, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and agriculture, to tap into its potential growth and contribute to environmental protection.

Tinubu in Saudi Arabia, Assures Nigerians of World’s Highest Returns on Investment – Arise News

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President Bola Tinubu assures potential investors in Saudi Arabia that their investments in Nigeria are safe and offers some of the world’s highest returns on investment. Nigeria is also seeking to enhance collaboration with Saudi Arabia in combatting terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISWAP, diversifying its economy away from oil dependence, and addressing climate change. 


  • This showcases the government’s commitment to attracting and assuring foreign investment, which can contribute to economic growth and development.
  • It highlights the importance of building international partnerships for combating terrorism and addressing common challenges like climate change.
  • The mention of diversifying the economy away from oil dependence underscores the need for Nigerian businesses to explore alternative sectors and opportunities for sustainable development.

Made in Nigeria: Agribusiness entrepreneurs expanding into US market

4 min read

Several food and agriculture companies in Nigeria are tapping into the massive American market by exporting products like cocoa, cashew nuts, ginger, fonio, fufu flour, ofada rice, hibiscus flowers, and cassava-derived products to the US. These companies are finding success by establishing a presence in the US, importing larger volumes, storing products locally, and promptly delivering them to clients. The substantial Nigerian diaspora in America presents a significant opportunity for Nigerian businesses to gain a foothold in the US market, but success also requires appealing to a broader American consumer base.


  • Exporting products to the US can provide Nigerian businesses with access to a massive market and increased revenue streams.
  • Establishing a presence in the US, importing larger volumes, and storing products locally can help overcome hurdles and build trust with American buyers.
  • Expanding beyond the Nigerian diaspora market to appeal to a broader American consumer base can lead to greater success and sustainability in the US market.

NCC Pushes for More Data Centre Investments in Nigeria

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The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is calling for further investments in the data center segment of the telecoms sector to deepen the country’s broadband agenda. The Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umaru Danbatta, emphasized the importance of data centers in guaranteeing national digital sovereignty and reflecting the country’s cultural values. With data being considered the new oil globally, data center services hold the keys to the future of the ICT sector and the national economy.


  • Investing in data centers can help Nigeria achieve its broadband agenda and improve internet connectivity nationwide.
  • Data centers not only support the digital economy but also contribute to job creation, as seen by global big tech players like Google’s investment in subsea fiber cables in Nigeria.

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