Issue #232301: Tinubu v. Hope / Mr. Eazi & the “India Business Model” / Lagos Startup Expo “Expo”

I hope you’ve had a great one week-ish under our new leader. There’s been several reactions you’re already familiar with.

As always, here are the stories, under-the-radar, that affects our businesses.


Nigeria’s business activities hit 5-month high

3 min read

We’re optimistic and the results are finally returning to some sort of normal, better than the 23Q1. This looks at the composite index of New Order, Output, Employment, Suppliers’ Delivery Times, and Stock of Items Purchased.


Can Tinubu turn the tide on FDI?

4 mins read

In 2015, Nigeria’s FDI was $1.45bn; by 2022 it was $468.08m (to be fair, COVID played a big role on this too). Now this is the big question, can our new leader turn the tide? Tinubu’s business background is an advantage that the last leader did not have. And these article shares more.

Nigeria Can Service N46tn Debt – Ex Minister

2 mins read

No matter how you slice the cake, spending 96.3% of your revenue servicing debt is bad news. And in Nigeria’s case, there seems to be a projection that it might rise to 123.4% — that’s one side of the story. Ex-Finance Minister, Mrs Zainab Ahmed shares are good news here (maybe to calm the incoming minister?).

Nigeria boosts worldwide offshore drilling by $4.1 billion

1 min read

Energy is going to be an enormous opportunity for a long time. Yes, renewables will continue to grow BUT, it will not displace the investments, the new reserves that Nigeria (and its neighbours have).


Africa can become world’s top exporter of technology talent

2 mins read

Mr. Eazi (Oluwatosin Ajibade) clearly knows a bit more than just afro beats. ““You have over 10 million smart, young people getting out of university each year in need of jobs….”

This is the realisation that made India the “software brain-capital” of the world from the 90s — what pushed their GDP u Nigeria is primed for the same. Finally, an afro pop star that isn’t obsessed with light-skinned women.. .

“Charge from day one.” How to run your startup on a tight budget

4 mins read

When you really want to see if things are working, there’s only one way to find out: how much will they pay and how many are paying? Here’s an insight from a way to approach it from PiggyVest’s Co-founder, Odunayo Eweniyi at the just concluded Lagos Startup Expo

Business magnate, Abbey Onas launches ‘Emi Lokan’ fabric

< 1 min read

You can always trust Nigerians to be opportunistic. Really? I mean, really?

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