Issue #233201: What’s Jumia’s Secret Sauce in Nigeria?

Here are the stories for this issue:

Adapting to Nigeria’s dynamic market, leveraging technology, helped us grow – Jumia CEO

7 min read

As an industry expert and pioneer of e-commerce in Nigeria, this article provides key insights into how Jumia has successfully grown its business by providing innovative solutions to satisfy customers, building trust through a secure online platform, and taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Moreover, the article also highlights the significant challenges faced by the e-commerce sector in Nigeria and how Jumia is overcoming these obstacles. If you’re looking to gain valuable insights into the Nigerian e-commerce market this is your article.

A rethink of foreign exchange rates unification

8 min read

This article provides insights into how the current administration’s decisions have affected the Nigerian economy, why subsidy is not necessarily a bad thing and why a managed currency is beneficial for Nigeria. To fully understand the implications of these decisions, you will enjoy the full article.

What is Nigeria’s plan to become Africa’s creative and entertainment capital?

4 min read

Nigeria’s creative sector has huge potential to contribute to the nation’s GDP, however it currently suffers from inadequate funding, infrastructure, regulation, and protection of intellectual property rights. The government’s Destination 2030 plan aims to address these challenges and unlock the potential of the sector by providing a comprehensive strategy covering all aspects of the creative value chain.

Untold story of Italy returnee who found greener pasture in Nigeria

7 min read

Reading this article offers insight into the struggles of Mrs. Odigie Osayomore Chinenye, a Nigerian woman who travelled to Italy in pursuit of a better life, only to be misled into prostitution. It serves as a reminder to us all that although there may be challenges to face in our home countries, the grass is often greener at home. It also highlights the efforts of organisations such as ActionAid, GIZ and the Edo State Innovation Centre to provide training and support for Nigerian returnees so they can build a better life and support their families in Nigeria.

Nigeria, Russia pledge closer ties

3 min read

From this article, there are key insights into the potential partnerships between Russia and African countries and how they are looking to strengthen their relationship in terms of food security, energy transition, job creation, and other sectors. Our VP also has a mission to revive the Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) and how the Federal Government is actively engaging with UC RUSAL to achieve this. I recommend reading the full article to get more detailed insights into the opportunities these partnerships can bring to your business.

How Nigeria’s Leader Is Shaking Up a Shaky Economy

5 min read

AS you are aware, President Bola Tinubu has taken the opportunity to make a number of changes to Nigeria’s economy with the hope of stimulating economic growth. His reforms have been met with mixed reactions from the public, but have been welcomed by investors, economists, and bankers. This article provides insight into the current state of Nigeria’s economy and Tinubu’s plans for tackling the issues. Reading this article can provide valuable insight into how the economic reforms could affect the growth of your business; now and for the future.

Take advantage of Africa’s $90b infrastructure gap, U.S. lawmaker

1 min read

Here’s an highlight into the potential of tapping into the $90 billion infrastructural gap as a viable investment opportunity. Reading the full article will give a better understanding of why the US is committed to increasing their relationship and engagement with African nations and the opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the potential investments in agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

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