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Developer’s Agreement

A Development Agreement is a legally-binding contract between a Landowner and Developer which outlines the terms and conditions of the Landowner’s lease of their land to the Developer for the purpose of building a development using the Developer’s resources. The …

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Interior Design Contract

This Interior Design Contract is a legally-binding agreement between an Interior Designer and the Client, outlining the details of the services to be rendered, the duration of the contract, the deliverables and specifications of the design and location, as well …

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IT Service Contract

A service agreement between an IT personnel or company and the client should be prepared by the client’s legal representative and signed by both parties, thereby outlining the terms and conditions of the agreement. This agreement specifies the services to …

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Construction Agreement

This Agreement outlines the terms and scope of a proposed real estate construction project between the Client and the Contractor. The Client, typically the property owner, intends to develop a project on the property, and the Contractor has been hired …

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Contract for Deeds

A contract for deed is a legally binding agreement wherein the buyer is granted immediate possession of a parcel of land and pays the purchase price over a specified period of time, while the seller retains the legal title until …

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Contract Renewal Letter

This document is used by a business owner to facilitate the renewal of a contract with a company or individual prior to the expiration of the existing contract.…

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Contract for Service Agreement (Individual to Corporate)

This is a Service Agreement between a customer or client and the service provider (a business owner providing the service). This agreement outlines the relationship, responsibilities of each party, payment, services to be provided, and any other obligations agreed upon …

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