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List a brief overview of your current or projected financial targets


In this section, we will work in details the problems customers/clients have and the solutions you provide for them

Opportunity / Target Market

Opportunity / Competition


In this section, you will work on 's sales and marketing and sales.


In this section, we will work on the operations of

Milestones & Metrics

In this section, we will work on the key achievements for

If you’ve already accomplished key goals for your business, list them here as evidence that your business is getting traction – in other words, it’s getting positive attention from potential customers.


In this section, we will work through the ownership structure of .

If there are multiple owners, describe each of them and how much of an ownership stake they have. Also, identify your company’s legal structure. Is it a sole proprietorship — that is, just you working for yourself?

Or a partnership, such as a limited-liability company, where the profits pass through to the partners involved?

Or a nonprofit organisation?

Financial Plan

In this section, you will now work on financing.

Financial Plan / Financing

With your complete business plan, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a compelling company story that will set you apart.
  • Plan for your future, set goals and metrics for success.
  • Describe your product line in detail and plan for how to stand out from competitors
  • Consider any legal formalities that require attention when starting your business
  • Put together necessary financial projections to make a strong start.
  • Create your buyer persona and determine your product/marketing fit

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