Top 28 Available Grants in Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Application Guide.

To help fund your upstart or growing business, we’ve collected the top 28 grants that could be a fit for your business in Nigeria


25 Top Grants for Small Businesses in Nigeria

There are many grants available for small businesses in Nigeria. In this article, we will focus on the 25 top grants. At the end of this article,  you will learn how to apply for the grants and the requirements for each grant.

an image showing the logos of the federal government agencies

58 Untapped Federal Government Loans in Nigeria

Nigeria’s federal government’s little or no interest loan can help your business needs. We’ve compiled a list of loans and how to apply for them. Here’s how.

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Raising Start-Up Money in Nigeria

You’ve made the tough decisions, you’ve done your research, now there’s the harder part: getting the money you need to get your start-up going. In this article we share all the resources you need to raise start-up money for your business in Nigeria.