Contract for Service Agreement, Individual to Corporate Template [Nigeria]

Updated February 22, 2024

Crafted for Nigeria’s bustling market, this Service Agreement is your foundation for a crystal-clear business relationship. Straight to the point — you decide the services, you set the responsibilities, and you define the payment terms. It’s your security, ensuring every party knows what’s expected.

Customizable to your core? Absolutely. Whether you’re in IT, consulting, or any other service industry, tailor this template to your unique offer. So go ahead, align it with your business’s precision, and lock in your success with an agreement that works as hard as you do. No surprises, just solid partnerships.

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Doc - Contract for Service Agreement, Individual to Corporate
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How to use this Contract for Service Agreement (Individual to Corporate)

This Agreement is often used when a client or customer requests a proposal on the nature of services the business owner intends to provide. This agreement is often used by a business owner in the business of providing professional skills such as legal services, medical services, accounting services, etc..

The content of a service agreement varies and is quite dependent on the services to be provided and the obligations agreed upon by the parties. Common clauses to be included in this agreement are as follows:

  • Confidentiality
  • List of Services to be delivered
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property (not mandated, used only where necessary)
  • Payment
  • Terms and Termination

Other names for Contract for Service Agreement (Individual to Corporate)

  • Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • Service Contract
  • Service Agreement

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

The applicable laws for a Service Agreement are as follows: 

  • Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020
  • Contract Law of a State, e.g. Law Reforms (Contract law), Lagos State, 2015
  • Value Added Tax Act. 
  • Finance Act.   
  • Personal Income Tax Act.  

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