IT Service Contract Template [Nigeria]

Updated June 26, 2023

A service agreement between an IT personnel or company and the client should be prepared by the client’s legal representative and signed by both parties, thereby outlining the terms and conditions of the agreement. This agreement specifies the services to be provided, duration of the project, deliverables, obligations of the parties, and payment terms.

Furthermore, this agreement outlines any legal action that may be taken in the event of a breach of contract, as stated within the agreement.

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Doc - Contract Renewal Letter

How to use this

This agreement is used when the client intends to employ the services of an IT Company or personnel on a contract basis.

For this type of agreement to be effective, it has to contain the following:

  • The precise purpose of the agreement
  • Details of the services to be rendered by the IT personnel or Company
  • The duration of services
  • Consideration for services
  • Date of completion of the agreement.
  • Responsibility of the parties.
  • Indemnity clause between the parties.
  • Governing law of the agreement.  This is usually the governing law of the country where the land is located.

Other names for

  • I.C.T Service Agreement

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

  • Commercial Law in Nigeria
  • Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020
  • Technology Sourcing Law and Regulation Reports in Nigeria
  • Negotiable Instrument Law in Nigeria.

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