Residential Tenancy Agreement Template [Nigeria]

Updated March 12, 2024

Diving into a Residential Tenancy Agreement in Nigeria?

This is a clear-cut framework to make sure everyone—both landlords and tenants—knows the score. For you movers and shakers in real estate, this isn’t just paperwork, it’s your peace of mind. It’s all there in black and white: who pays what, who fixes what, and how to play nice if things get prickly.

Whether you’re signing on the dotted line as a landlord or a tenant, this agreement’s your trusty sidekick for a hassle-free tenancy. Roll out the welcome mat and relax, knowing you’re covered!

Generate your Residential Tenancy Agreement

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How to use this Residential Tenancy Agreement

Landlords, it’s like your property’s superhero—guarding your cash flow, keeping the place tip-top, and making sure everything’s on the up-and-up, legally speaking.
Tenants, you get a crystal-clear playbook. Know what you’re paying, who’s fixing the leaky tap, and how to settle the rare squabble without turning into courtroom drama.
Bottom line? It’s about making living together as smooth as your favorite playlist.

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Applicable Laws in Nigeria

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