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    1-on-1 Strategy Session with Advisor


    Unlock the potential of your business with a 45-minute virtual session led by a seasoned business expert, providing invaluable insights and guidance tailored specifically to the Nigerian market, empowering you to confidently kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Legal On-demand


    As a business owner, it’s important to have a lawyer you can trust to give you counsel and advice. But it can be hard to find a lawyer you can trust, especially in Nigeria. That’s where Counseal Legal On-demand comes in. Counseal is an online platform that allows you to speak to a lawyer about…

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    NGO Grant Writing


    Do you want to help your NGO write a grant that will speak to donors and help raise the money your NGO needs? If so, then our NGO Grant Writing service is for you! We write a grant that is targeted at donors and helps speaks to your NGO’s cause. With our help, you can…

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    NGO Website with Paystack/Flutterwave


    Get an Website with Paystack/Flutterwave. It’s is a great way for our organisation to receive donations from local and international donors. The website is easy to use and provides a secure way to donate. Include in your order now.

  • Protect Intellectual Property

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    Real Estate Due Diligence


    For many people, the thought of buying a property in Nigeria is a daunting one. There are so many variables to consider and it can be difficult to know where to start. Counseal Real Estate Due Diligence takes the guesswork out of the process. Simply enter the location of the property in Nigeria and Counseal does the rest. We research the property and pull all the required information, saving you the time and hassle of dealing with lawyers and real estate agents.

    You get complete and comprehensive report that includes a title search, an analysis of the property market, a property valuation, and much more. All of this is provided in an easily digestible format so that the user can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the property.

  • Register Business

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    Social media audit and growth plan


    This package offers tailored audits and strategic plans for a single media channel, complete with branded graphic templates. Get a comprehensive audit and a well-crafted social media plan specifically designed for your primary social media platform.

  • Startup Launch Kit

    From: 4,525.00 / month
  • Strategy On-demand


    As a new entrepreneur, navigating Nigeria’s business landscape can be daunting. Strategy On-demand connects you with an experienced business expert who can provide tailored advice. Easily manage conversations, start projects, and get concrete advice on starting a business in Nigeria.