How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nigeria: Complete Guide

by Counseal Team

Updated November 26, 2023

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Are you looking to start your own cleaning business but don’t know where to begin? In this guide, we equip you with all the knowledge and insights needed to launch a successful venture in this thriving industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already have some experience in the field, our engaging advice will help set you on the path towards achieving your goals of running a profitable cleaning business.

Let’s get started.

Quick Takes

How much does it cost to start this business?

This depends on the type of cleaning business you choose to run. On average, it will cost around N50,000 to purchase essential equipment. If you decide to run on a large scale, your budget will be higher based on the required equipment.

How much can you make per month?

We cannot predict this as it is solely based on the quantity of clients you service.

What’s the minimum required to start the business?

If you are starting small at no cost, you can clean for clients who will provide all the cleaning materials you need. Your fee will, however, be cheaper than that of those who work with their own cleaning equipment.

What are the best states in Nigeria to start a cleaning business?

    • Federal Capital Territory 
    • Lagos State
    • Rivers State 
    • Ogun State

What are the known examples of a cleaning business?

1. Essential Requirements for a Successful Cleaning Business

To run a successful cleaning business, there are essential requirements that you need to consider, such as:

a. Strong Work Ethics

Cleaning businesses require hard work, attention to detail, and consistency in order to provide high-quality services to clients. Maintaining a reliable schedule and meeting deadlines is crucial for earning the trust of customers.

b. Organisational Skills

Good organisational skills are key to running an efficient cleaning business. Being able to manage schedules effectively, keep track of supplies and equipment inventory, and handle administrative tasks such as billing and customer inquiries will contribute to the success of your venture.

c. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is essential to building a loyal client base. The ability to communicate well with clients, understand their needs and expectations, and respond promptly to any concerns or issues will help establish your reputation as a reliable cleaning service provider.

By focusing on these essential requirements, you can lay the foundation for a thriving cleaning company that provides outstanding services while gaining satisfied customers along the way.

2. Types of Cleaning Businesses Thriving in Nigeria

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Cleaning businesses have become increasingly popular in Nigeria, and there are several types that thrive in the country. 

a. Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services are in high demand as more people are working long hours and do not have time to clean their homes. This type of cleaning business specialises in providing efficient and thorough home cleaning services, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and organising.

b. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is another lucrative option for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. With the rapid growth of businesses across various industries, there is a constant need for professional cleaners to maintain cleanliness and hygiene within office spaces. In this sector, a cleaning business would offer services such as daily janitorial maintenance, carpet cleaning, window washing, and floor care.

c. Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning companies also thrive because of the presence of factories and manufacturing plants throughout the country. These companies focus on specialised deep-cleaning services for industrial facilities like warehouses or production sites that require extensive equipment and expertise.

d. Dry Cleaning

One of the most common cleaning business ideas is dry cleaning. There is fierce competition, but the market demand makes up for it.

You can easily start this business in an excellent location with just washing detergents and then advance to getting dry cleaning agents and machines.

Overall, starting a cleaning business in Nigeria can be highly profitable if you choose the right niche based on market demand. Residential, commercial, and industrial sectors all provide opportunities for success if you are dedicated to delivering excellent service quality while meeting clients’ specific needs.

3. Cost of Setting Up: How much do you need to start?

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The cost of setting up a cleaning business can vary depending on several factors. 

Initially, you will need to purchase essential equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, cleaning solutions, and other supplies. The cost of these items can range from a few thousand Naira to several thousand, depending on the quality and quantity needed. You may need to invest in marketing materials and software for booking appointments and managing finances.

Aside from equipment costs, there are other expenses to consider when starting a cleaning business. These include getting any necessary licences or permits, liability insurance coverage for your employees’ protection, and potentially leasing or purchasing office space if you plan to have a storefront location. It is also wise to budget for initial advertising costs to help attract customers and promote your services effectively.

Ultimately, the amount of money needed to start a cleaning business will depend on your specific goals and circumstances. However, careful planning and budgeting ahead of time can go a long way in setting yourself up for success while keeping costs manageable within your means.

4. Setting Your Prices: How to Determine the Right Rates for Your Services to Ensure Profitability

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Setting the right prices for your cleaning services is crucial to ensuring profitability in your business. There are several factors you should consider when determining your rates; some of these are:

a. Running Costs

You need to assess the overall cost of running your cleaning business, including overhead expenses, supplies, and labour costs. It’s important to remember that setting low prices may initially attract customers but can eventually lead to financial strain.

b. Research your Competition

Market research plays a pivotal role in pricing your services competitively. Analyse what other cleaning businesses in your area are charging for similar services and determine if you can offer additional value or differentiate yourself. 

c. Value of your Services

Always consider the perceived value of your services by clients and leverage this to justify your rates.

Finding the right balance between competitive pricing and ensuring profitability will be key to long-term success in the cleaning industry.

Analyse costs and research market trends so you can confidently set prices that not only cover expenses but also generate profit for growth and sustainability.

5. Building Your Team: Hiring and Training Reliable Cleaning Staff

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Building a reliable team is crucial for the success of your cleaning business. When it comes to hiring cleaning staff, look for individuals who are dependable and have a strong work ethic. Conduct thorough interviews and background checks to ensure you hire trustworthy employees.

Once you’ve assembled your team, it’s essential to provide them with proper training. Develop detailed training programmes that cover all aspects of cleaning techniques, safety protocols, customer service skills, and equipment handling. Regularly assess their performance and offer constructive feedback to help them improve their skills.

Create a positive work environment where your employees feel valued and motivated. Recognise their hard work through incentives or bonuses to boost morale within the team. 

By investing in hiring reliable staff members and providing thorough training opportunities, you will lay the foundation for a successful cleaning business that exceeds customer expectations while retaining satisfied employees.

6. Location: States in Nigeria where Cleaning is most Lucrative

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If you’re considering starting a cleaning business in Nigeria, it’s important to know which states offer the most lucrative opportunities. 

Lagos, the economic hub of the country and one of the largest cities in Africa, is undoubtedly the most promising location for a cleaning business. With its booming population and numerous commercial establishments, there is a constant demand for professional cleaning services. 

Additionally, Abuja, the capital city known for its government institutions and high-end residential areas, also presents great potential for profitability in the cleaning industry.

While these two cities offer significant opportunities, it’s worth mentioning that other states like Rivers (Port Harcourt) and Ogun (Abeokuta) are also emerging as favourable locations for cleaning businesses due to their growing populations and urban development. 

With Nigeria experiencing rapid urbanisation and increasing commercial activities across various states, venturing into the cleaning industry can prove to be a highly lucrative endeavour if you choose your location wisely.

7. Common Issues Faced by Cleaning Business Owners and How to Address Them

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Starting and running a cleaning business can be both rewarding and challenging. As a cleaning business owner, there are common issues that you may face along the way. 

a. Retaining Clients

One of the key challenges is attracting and keeping clients. With competition in the industry, it’s difficult to stand out. To address this challenge, focus on building strong relationships with your clients by providing excellent service and delivering consistent results.

Word-of-mouth marketing is also crucial, so encourage your satisfied clients to recommend your services to others.

b. Effective Management

Another obstacle faced by cleaning business owners is managing staff effectively. Hiring reliable and trustworthy employees can sometimes be a struggle, but it’s important to find individuals who align with your company’s values and have good work ethics. 

Provide proper training for your team members to ensure they understand cleaning techniques and safety protocols.

Implement clear communication channels within the organisation so that you can address any concerns or conflicts promptly.

Overall, navigating challenges in the cleaning business requires determination, adaptability, and commitment to quality service delivery. Stay current with industry trends and continue learning best practises through workshops or networking events specific to professional cleaners’ needs. 

By leveraging these strategies while addressing common obstacles head-on, you’ll increase your chances of succeeding in this thriving industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning business lucrative in Nigeria?

The cleaning business is now very profitable in Nigeria. This is because it is now recognised as an essential service, especially commercial cleaning.

How do I start a simple cleaning business?

  • Understand the kinks of the cleaning business by doing the initial cleaning jobs yourself.
  • Buy equipment and products that will make the job easier gradually.
  • Get required licences and ensure compliance with your city’s regulations for businesses.
  • Prioritise customer service and satisfaction.
  • Marketing

How do cleaning services get clients?

  • Referrals from satisfied clients, friends and family
  • Marketing
  • Word of mouth

What type of cleaning business makes the most money?

General commercial cleaning is more profitable than other types because you can add a wide range of services like pressure washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, disaster cleaning, and others. It can also encompass other types of cleaning services if you decide to broaden your horizons.

How do I market my cleaning business?

  1. Create a marketing strategy
  2. Ask for referrals from existing customers
  3. Build a social media page and interact with people through ad campaigns

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