Commercial Lease Agreement Template [Nigeria]

Updated December 28, 2023

Step into success with a lease that secures your future. As a landlord, showcase your property’s potential; as a tenant, anchor your aspirations in a space designed for ambition.

This comprehensive agreement ensures:

  • Your Responsibilities: Clearly defined to cut through confusion.
  • Your Timeframe: Customized to match your long-term business goals.
  • Your Use of Space: Outlined to fit your vision.
  • Financial Clarity: Know your rental costs and payment terms upfront.
  • Insurance Simplicity: Understand who handles the policy at a glance.
  • Breach Security: Protect your interests with clear consequences.

Crafted for corporate entities and individuals alike, this is your key to a partnership built on confidence in Nigeria’s dynamic market. Make a move that sets you apart—secure your commercial lease agreement now.

Generate your Commercial Lease Agreement

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How to use this Commercial Lease Agreement

A business owner can use this agreement if he intends to lease an office space or shop or warehouse for commercial use rather than residential use. However, where the business owns a landed property and intends to lease it out for commercial use, to diversify its investments,  this agreement can also be used.

Other names for Commercial Lease Agreement

  • Commercial Tenancy Agreement 

Another related agreement/contract

The following agreements are related to this agreement: 

  • Contract for Sale of Land; 
  • Agreement for Hire of Goods or Chattels or Equipments;
  • Mortgage Agreement; and 
  • Deed of Assignment of Land. 
  • Commercial Lease Agreement (Corporate to Corporate)
  • Rental Contract  

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

The relevant laws or statutes that make a Lease Agreement enforcement are as follows: 

  • Land Use Act
  • Tenancy Law of a State e.g. Tenancy Law of Lagos State, 2011. 

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