Notice to Quit

A Notice to Quit in Nigeria serves as a legal document essential for terminating a lease agreement or tenancy. This crucial service ensures that the client follows the proper legal procedures when ending a lease, providing a structured and lawful way to bring the tenancy to a close.

Deed of Mortgage

If you’re gearing up to borrow money against land in Nigeria, a Deed of Mortgage is your go-to tool. You transfer land interest as collateral, ensuring your lender gets paid or your obligations are met. Once you fulfill your end of the deal, the land interest reverts to you — no strings attached. As the…

Lease Agreement

You need a no-nonsense guide to your Lease Agreement, right? Here it is. When you’re eyeing that prime space for your office – be it a single apartment or an entire building – grasp the essence of your Lease Agreement. It’s your formal arrangement, etching your rights and obligations in stone. You’re the Lessee, eager…

Deed of Gift

A Deed of Gift is a legal document that formalizes the voluntary transfer of ownership or property from one party to another without any exchange of money. The parties are known as the DONOR (owner of the property) and the DONEE (beneficiary of the property).

Commercial Lease Agreement

Step into success with a lease that secures your future. As a landlord, showcase your property’s potential; as a tenant, anchor your aspirations in a space designed for ambition. This comprehensive agreement ensures: Crafted for corporate entities and individuals alike, this is your key to a partnership built on confidence in Nigeria’s dynamic market. Make…