Deed of Gift Template [Nigeria]

Updated January 5, 2024

A Deed of Gift is a legal document that formalizes the voluntary transfer of ownership or property from one party to another without any exchange of money. The parties are known as the DONOR (owner of the property) and the DONEE (beneficiary of the property).

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How to use this Deed of Gift

The Deed of Gift is often used for gifting valuable items such as real estate, artwork, or other tangible assets. It outlines the terms and conditions of the transfer, including a detailed description of the gifted property, the intent of the gift, and any specific conditions or restrictions attached to the transfer. By creating a Deed of Gift, both parties can clarify their rights and obligations, providing a transparent and legally binding framework for the transfer of ownership.

Users should note that once the deed is executed, ownership of the property vests in the Donee and is generally irreversible EXCEPT:

  • The gift was obtained through fraudulent means;
  • The gift was given pursuant to a misrepresentation or mistake;
  • The gift was transferred with the intention of defrauding creditors or tax evasion

It is useful to note that where a donor intends to gift property, the property must be delivered (i.e. a mere promise to transfer property is not a valid gift) and the donee must accept the gift in question.

Other names for Deed of Gift

Not Applicable.

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

  • Land Use Act, 1978
  • Land Instrument Registration Laws of the various States.
  • Property and Conveyancing Law, 1959 (applicable in Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, and some parts of Lagos State).
  • Registration of Titles Law, 2004 (applicable in Lagos State).
  • Stamp Duties Act, 2004
  • Administration of Estates Laws of the various States.
  • Wills Laws of the various States.

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