Deed of Mortgage Template [Nigeria]

Updated January 6, 2024

If you’re gearing up to borrow money against land in Nigeria, a Deed of Mortgage is your go-to tool. You transfer land interest as collateral, ensuring your lender gets paid or your obligations are met. Once you fulfill your end of the deal, the land interest reverts to you — no strings attached.

As the Mortgagor (that’s you, the borrower and property owner), and your lender (the Mortgagee), enter this binding agreement, you maintain use of your property. However, if you fail to honor the terms, the lender gains control. Make a smart move: secure your obligations with a Deed of Mortgage and keep your property in your hands.

Generate your Deed of Mortgage

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How to use this Deed of Mortgage

You can use this document to transfer legal title of a “collateral” to a lender/mortgagee in exchange for a sum of money or an obligation with a provision that upon performance of the deed (full repayment of the loan or performance of any other obligation), the legal title will go back to the borrower/mortgagor.

Other names for Deed of Mortgage

  • Deed of Trust

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

The relevant laws  applicable when creating a Deed of Mortgage are as follows: 

  • Property and Conveyancing Law of 1959 applicable in old Western states of Nigeria. 
  • Conveyancing Act, 1881 applicable in old Eastern states of Nigeria 
  • Mortgage and Property law of Lagos State

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