Construction Agreement Template [Nigeria]

Updated January 7, 2024

You need a rock-solid foundation for every construction project. That’s why our Construction Agreement template is essential for you, the savvy property owner in Nigeria, aiming to build anything from a road to a skyscraper. It’s your blueprint for success.

You, the Client, pair up with a Contractor of your choice. Together, you transform your vision into reality — all clearly defined in an agreement that cuts through the noise.

  • Terms & Scope: Crystal clear and customized to your project’s needs.
  • Rights & Duties: No guesswork. Everyone knows their role.
  • Protection: It’s not just a project; it’s your investment. And it’s shielded from legal or financial blowbacks.

Opt for a corporate entity; it’s less hassle, more assurance. Skip the drama of disputes and miscommunications. Invest in this document, and build your legacy on firm ground.

Take charge. Secure your venture. Construct a future that stands the test of time.

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How to use this Construction Agreement

A business owner in a construction business can use this agreement to enter into agreements to develop properties. This agreement should highlight the following terms as agreed and negotiated by the parties: 

  • Project Description
  • Project Cost and Payment Terms 
  • Construction Scope 
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism 
  • Cancellation and Termination Policy 
  • Insurance Policy  
  • Defects Liability Period and Payment of Retention Sum

Other names for Construction Agreement

  • Construction Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (where it is just a single contractor) 

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

  • The relevant laws  applicable when creating a Construction Agreement are as follows: 
    • Land Use Act
    • Property and Conveyancing Law of 1959 applicable in old Western states of Nigeria. 
    • Conveyancing Act, 1881 applicable in old Eastern states of Nigeria 
    • Registration of Title Law of a State. E.g. Land Registration Law, Lagos State, 2014.
    • Contract Law of a State 
    • Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law of a State; e.g. Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law of Lagos State.  
    • Insurance Act  
    • Labour Act 
    • Employees Compensation Act 
    • Factories Act 
    • National Building Code 
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Act 
    • Public Procurement Act
    • National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency 
    • Arbitration and Conciliation Act.

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