Independent Contractor Agreement Template [Nigeria]

Updated January 6, 2024

Secure your freelance deals with an ironclad independent contractor agreement. This document isn’t just a formality—it’s your negotiation powerhouse.

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How to use this Independent Contractor Agreement

  • You’re an independent contractor offering services.
  • You’re a client looking to hire an independent contractor.
  • You’re a company engaging with an independent contractor.

This covers:

  • Scope & Payment: Clearly defines what you’ll deliver and what you’ll get paid. No surprises, no scope creep.
  • Deadlines: Sets realistic timelines that respect your workflow.
  • Confidentiality & Protection: Shields your methods with confidentiality clauses while safeguarding your work from misuse.

Avoid legal gray areas and tax headaches. This contract differentiates you, the savvy freelancer, from regular employees—keeping your independence intact and your business dealings straightforward.

Remember, no agreement means no defense. Lock in your terms; secure your peace of mind.

Other names for Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Contracts
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Freelance Contractor Agreement
  • Contract Labor Form
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Freelance Contract
  • General Contractor Agreement
  • Consulting Services Agreement

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

  1. Law of Contract
  2. Case Law
  3. Law of Equity

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