Deed of Assignment (Corporate to Individual) Template [Nigeria]

Updated January 6, 2024

You need a Deed of Assignment (Corporate to Individual) when buying property in Nigeria. This essential document confirms your legal ownership after purchasing land from a company. It’s not just a formality; it’s your undeniable proof of title, tailored specifically for transactions between a corporation and you, the individual buyer.

Don’t settle for less. Make sure your investment is protected with a Deed that spells out the transfer terms clearly and establishes your legal rights solidly. Get your Deed of Assignment, and take the final step in cementing your property acquisition today.

Generate your Deed of Assignment (Corporate to Individual)

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How to use this Deed of Assignment (Corporate to Individual)

After a contract of sale in land is executed, a business owner operating his business via a corporate entity can transfer any legal title owned in land to an intended buyer using this document. This document can also be used to transfer a legal title in land to a corporate entity owned by a business owner. It can also serve as an evidence of title of land and can be registered at the Land Registry of a State.    

Other names for Deed of Assignment (Corporate to Individual)

  • Deed of Transfer of Title 

Applicable Laws in Nigeria

The relevant laws  applicable when creating a Deed of Assignment are as follows: 

  • Land Use Act
  • Property and Conveyancing Law of 1959 applicable in old Western states of Nigeria. 
  • Conveyancing Act, 1881 applicable in old Eastern states of Nigeria 
  • Registration of Title Law of a State. E.g Land Registration Law, Lagos State, 2014.

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