Issue 232601: Nigeria, Global Black Power / Japa is Good / A $1B Tech Funds

Nigeria attracts $1 billion tech funds in 2022 as firm secures $3.7m for expansion

6 mins read

Tech-savvy builders celebrate! ccHub is pushing the ecosystem. In 2022, Nigeria got about $1 billion in tech funds, with one company securing a cool $3.7 million for expansion, signaling exciting business opportunities and growth in the Nigerian tech scene. As you know, being tech-savvy is no-longer a nice-to-have; ride the digital wave to conquer new horizons in Nigeria’s future. Of course, we at Counseal are pushing the fronts in the LegalTech world.

As an aside, if you’re looking to learn to build tech-first product, I volunteer a DevCareer Africa and mentor the Just Launch It Bootcamp — join now.

Explainer: How to prepare for naira devaluation and what it means for Nigerians

5 mins read

This article is a crash course on how to prepare for the impending Naira devaluation in Nigeria. It gives an insight on what it means for your business and offers valuable tips to navigate the stormy waters of currency fluctuations. Don’t let the devaluation catch you off guard.

Investing in Sports in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges

4 mins read

Welcome to the exciting realm of investing in electronic-sports in Nigeria, this highlights some potentials and challenges that lie within the industry, offering valuable insights to help you score big in this growing sector.

NIS introduces “Trust Visa” to deepen foreign investments in Nigeria

3 mins read

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has introduced the “Trust Visa” aka visa on arrival to attract and foreign investments and open up exciting new business opportunities in Nigeria, offering a streamlined process and encouraging greater confidence among international investors. I can’t help think of if, only if… Nigeria can be Africa’s Estonia.

Operating In A Free Trade Zone In Nigeria

8 mins read

Here’s an ultimate guide to operating in Nigeria’s free trade zone in Nigeria, revealing the potential business advantages, tax benefits, and operational insights that could skyrocket your ventures. A plus they missed a bit is Lekki is slowly becoming it’s own thing.

Bill Gates explains how Japa syndrome is healthy for Nigeria

2 mins read

Here’s to the other-side of Bill Gates — shedding light on the “Japa syndrome” in Nigeria, explaining how this trend of young Nigerians seeking opportunities abroad can actually be healthy for the country, leading to skill acquisition, knowledge transfer, and potentially opening up new business avenues for those who tap into this global mindset. All I can think of is India — their “Japa” years ago has become huge asset to the country; Nigeria won’t be different.

5 mins read

So…. we have a new copyright law has the potential to give Nollywood a major boost, offering stronger protection for intellectual property rights and paving the way for exciting new business opportunities in the Nigerian film industry. If you’ve been looking to tap into this space, this might interest you.

Is This Nigeria’s Energy Turning Point?

2 mins read

This explores whether Nigeria has reached its energy turning point, shedding light on the potential for significant improvements in the country’s energy sector and the exciting business opportunities that come with it. It might be time for you to see if there’s an opportunity here for you.

Can Nigeria Become the Leading Global Black Power?

5 mins read

Regardless of where you stand, here’s one thing we can agree on: there is potential for Nigeria to become the leading global black power. This explores the economic, political, and cultural factors that could pave the way for exciting business opportunities and position Nigeria as a prominent player on the world stage.

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