Issue #233001: Nigeria Telcos vs. Banks Fight / FDI FX Policy Boost / Nigeria’s Super Status

Here are the stories for this issue:

In Nigeria, fight between telcos, banks hurts financial inclusion – Al jazeera

6 min read

USSD technology is helping low-income households in Nigeria to access financial services, even without smartphones, despite a dispute over payment between banks and telcos.. USSD is crucial for rural micro-businesses and its disconnection can greatly affect people..

New FX policy will boost foreign direct investment to Nigeria – Voice of Nigeria | 4 min read

The Chief Economist at SPM Professionals, Mr. Paul Alaje, said the CBN’s move to unify the FX market will improve the potential of investments in Nigeria and significantly boost government revenue.

FG’s RoW policy is now facilitating speedy deployment of fibre across Nigeria — MTN Nigeria’s CTO

11 min read

MTN Nigeria’s Chief Technology Officer, Mohammed Rufai, spoke to Nairametrics about the telco’s 5G project, their investment in rural telephony to bridge the connectivity gap in underserved areas, and the government’s policy on the harmonization of Right of Way (RoW) fees which has enabled the faster and cheaper deployment of fibre infrastructure for 5G.

Nigeria has 99 problems but is fintech one? – Businessday

8 min read

This story examines the impact of Fintech in Nigeria on wealth creation, with an overview of the different opinions among industry experts on whether Fintech alone is enough to generate wealth or if other sectors should be developed alongside it.

Apple is set to change its pricing system in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Egypt – BusinessInsider

2 min read

Apple is introducing a new pricing system in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Egypt to reflect recent changes in tax laws and foreign exchange rates, resulting in potential price increases for app developers and consumers. It also outlines the specifics of the 6% tax on digital services provided by offshore businesses in Nigeria.

China affords Nigeria ‘super’ target status – Businessday

4 min read

Activities of Chinese-backed companies in Nigeria show the importance Chinese companies attach to the growth potential of the market, as they build ‘super apps’ to facilitate a range of services and investments in infrastructure projects. This is driving a digital revolution and increasing competition in the market, while bringing both concerns and optimism surrounding the Chinese presence.

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