Issue #232501: A Rise of Naira / The Oil of Nigeria, #1 / Nigeria’s Satellite on Health


Life is about giving and being, not getting and having..

Let’s jump in:

CBN naira float in 2016 failed. What’s different in 2023? / 6 mins read

A deep dive that draws the comparison of what failed in 2016. Then, the Central Bank of Nigeria announced a Naira float in hopes of reviving the struggling currency, but the experiment failed miserably.
This is take two: 2023, the CBN is taking a different approach with a more committed float. This time, the policy includes a free market for the petroleum industry and an agreement to buy dollars at the market rate.
Now we just have to

The downfall of Nigeria’s ‘all powerful’ central bank governor / 7 mins read

A spot on analysis of Godwin “Emperor” Emefiele suspension and arrest.
He had presided over a period of economic downturn and increasing national debt.
What will the interim Folashodun Shonubi do differently — there are already a few hints.

Nigeria is yet again Africa’s top oil-producing country recording an economic growth of 2.4% / 2 mins read

And here we are, Nigeria is once again Africa’s top crude oil producer, having produced 1.4 million barrels per day in May 2023.
It’s an economic boost for the country, as an OPEC report showed it had grown by 2.4% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2023. The government is also investing heavily in renewable energy sources and alternative sources of energy, which is expected to further spur economic growth.

As you know, I’m bullish on renewable energy, it might be Africa’s ticket to dominating the world.

Nigerian Auto Manufacturer Unveils CNG Vehicles / 2 mins read

While we’re on the subject of green energy, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing has unveiled CNG enabled vehicles for Nigerians, produced in Nnewi Anambra State.

These vehicles have a higher combustion rate than fuel, are more environmentally friendly, and have lower noise levels, improved fuel economy, and a smooth ride.

On that note, we’re getting close to giving Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) gas pipeline project things to do.

Why is Nigeria’s satellite company championing NigComHealth? / 5 mins read

Covid might be over and it left an obvious opportunity — Telehealth is GREAT!

NIGCOMSAT is using its satellite technology to improve healthcare access in Nigeria, by providing internet in rural areas, tools and services to help providers and patients use the platform, and training and support for healthcare providers.

Rural dwellers, welcome onboard!

Obasanjo Backs Quest to Support 25,000 Nigerians in Business Annually / 2 mins read

Nigeria as a problem and an opportunity, both the same thing: it will have a projected population of 450 million people by 2050 and former President Olusegun Obasanjo knows this math too well.

In this piece, he shares why creating an environment where people have access to quality education and resources is key to drive Nigeria’s growth and reduce poverty.

Row erupts in Germany over restitution of Benin bronzes | Macau Business / 3 mins

Germany returned 22 looted artifacts to Nigeria in December, then you thought things were getting better…. BAMMM!!…President Buhari sparked a controversy as he declared they should go to a traditional ruler.

Abba Isa Tijani (Nigeria’s lead on the restitution project) has reassured that the bronzes are still meant to be part of the museum project, but uncertainty remains whether they will be made available to the public

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