Issue #232901: Nigeria’s Better Deal / Finance Act No More / Bringing back Aba

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Let’s start with the stories for this issue:

WTO, World Bank seek better trade deal for Nigeria, others

2 min read

WTO and World Bank are demanding progress in trade negotiations for developing countries, like Nigeria, to benefit from improved trade and investment in services.. They also stresses the need for international cooperation on services trade, as well as increased resources to strengthen developing countries’ capacities to diversify and expand their exports.

Suspension of Finance Act 2023 relief for overburdened businesses

1 min read

President Bola Tinubu’s Executive Orders and suspension of the implementation of the Finance Act 2003 have provided relief from the high taxes and charges imposed on businesses in Nigeria, helping to create a more supportive business environment. Now… we’re talking.

Commentaries On The Electricity Act, 2023

6 min read

The Electricity Act 2023 provides a comprehensive legal and institutional framework for the operation of a fully privatized, cost and service reflective tariff, contract and rule-based competitive electricity market in Nigeria, which is expected to attract private sector investments and improve service delivery in the sector.

Invest More In Nigeria, SGF Urges China

2 min read

This article highlights the commitment of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to strengthen bilateral relations with the People’s Republic of China to promote development, and emphasizes the various areas of cooperation between both countries, such as infrastructure, ICT, industrialization, investment, security, technology and agriculture.

Modern retail can contribute to national economic recovery, says expert

1 min read

This article discusses the role of modern retail in stimulating economic growth, with a focus on its contribution to GDP, job opportunities, and societal benefits, as well as its resilience in the face of economic challenges.

Chinese govt offers Tinubu development model for Nigeria

2 min read

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, has pledged China’s continued support to the Federal Government of Nigeria in the development of the country, offering tested strategies that will help boost the nation’s economy.

U.S.-based group begins move to revitalise Aba

2 min read

The Aba Reunion Group is an initiative aimed at reconnecting former residents of the commercial town of Aba, Nigeria who left for greener pastures in the 1970s to late 1980s and are now working together to revitalise the town and its commercial status.

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