Issue #233202: Is confidence rising for the Naira?

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Rising confidence outweighs FX market condition

5 min read

Reading this article can gives an insight into the prospects of the Nigerian economy and its currency. It also provides detail on what the major banks and organisations believe will happen in the medium to long term, giving me more confidence in the potential of my business. The article also gives an understanding of how the CBN is managing the transition period and the current market dynamics. All of this evidence can help you make more informed decisions on how to grow my business.

What kind of FDI does Nigeria need?

1 min read

The Tinubu government implemented its FX reforms to make foreign currencies more accessible to Nigerians. This was a necessary policy to attract investors who can bring in the much-needed foreign direct investments. So, if your business is looking to invest in Nigeria, make sure to read the full article which provides insights into why other investors are investing in Nigeria and what type of investments are the most ideal for the country.

Nigeria’s luxury bus business is dying

10 min read

This article will provide you with key insights on the current state of the luxury bus business in Nigeria, and how the combination of factors such as insecurity, preference for minibuses, and poor road conditions have caused a significant drop in patronage. It also provides exclusive insights from operators and passengers on the challenges they face, and what needs to be done in order to restore the confidence of travellers in the industry.

Lack of good public toilets inspired my business

6 min read

Here’s a journey into the Nigerian entrepreneurial experience, and the challenges of running a successful business in a field that many shy away from. It also provides advice and tips for anyone looking to join the line of business, as well as lessons on the importance of being resilient and having cheerleaders.

Nigeria Mobilizes $500 Million to Boost Agriculture Industry

1 min read

This article gives insight into the measures the Nigerian government is taking to ensure food security and supply in the country, as well as the resources they are putting into making it happen. It is important to understand these measures if you are looking to expand your business in Nigeria and challenges that might be ahead.

Nigeria’s president says central bank undergoing forensic audit

1 min read

Tinubu’s government has implemented reforms such as ending currency controls, scrapping the petrol subsidy, and reviewing the government payroll to cut down on “ghost workers.” Furthermore, S&P Global Ratings has revised its outlook on Nigeria to stable from negative due to Tinubu’s reforms. This article is essential for any Nigerian businessperson looking to understand the current economic situation in the country and the potential for growth.

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