Issue #232401: Pay School Fees With Waste / MTN’s Competition / That Subsidy Issue

As always, here are the stories, under-the-radar, that affect our businesses.


Quote of the Week

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

Now, let’s start with:


Nigerian parents pay school bills with recyclable waste

1 min read

Education is one of the key factors that rises a country out of poverty and My Dream Stead school has nailed this creative solution to helping kids pay for school. Solving 2 problems at once! Bring recycled waste, we credit your school fees — Here’s how they do it.


Nigeria: Will ending fuel subsidies boost the economy?

5 mins read

It is a confusing question, and this article gives a surprising perspective. It comes done to a hope of Dangote’s magic.

Is Nigeria Leading The Way In Bitcoin Gambling?

5 mins read

It’s one thing for crypto being huge in Nigeria, it’s another for Nigeria to be huge on cypto gambling…Regardless of where you stand on the ethics of gambling, it’s best to understand what’s going on in this market. Here’s your guide.

Nigeria begins MNVO operations, 25 firms get licences

2 mins read

MTN, Glo and friends are finally getting some competitions, sort of… The better news is, data and call plans will get much cheaper and varied.

Even better news for you:

Tech bros and sis, put on your hat. There’s a business opportunity here building comparison sites and earning a commission from all these operators.


Africa as producers of 75% of world’s cocoa supply makes only 5% profit

3 mins read

While there are several growing markets and opportunities, it helps to understand the problem — why, why? Here’s why we need a piece of the $200billion market.

Opportunity alert:

As more Nigerians migrate, the diaspora will pay A LOT for locally manufactured chocolates.

(On a personal note, I spent some time on the family Cocoa farm in Ondo)

United Nigeria Airlines unveils plans to expand fleet, operations

1 min read

Both a vote of confidence or customer pressure, they are expanding. I suspect their management team might have a few things to teach Air Nigeria (oops…too soon)

Access Bank Launches the first American Express Cards to be issued in Nigeria

5 mins read

Yes…you read that right. The world famous AmEx is now Nigeria-ready. Through the article, there’s an unspoken message: “this region is now wealthy enough to spend on things other than just necessities”

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